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Yi Zuo, PhD MPH

Sr. Scientist, Late Dev. Stat
Beijing, China

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About Me

I am currently Sr. Scientist I, Late Dev. Stat at MSD.

Prior to that, I obtained a PhD degree in Biostatistics from Vanderbilt University. I worked under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey D. Blume and his Statistical Evidence in Data Science lab.

My statistical research focuses on large scale inference, second-generation p-values, and model selection with penalized likelihoods. My collaborative research involves predicting the penetrance of rare diseases from variant-specific features (e.g. function, structural context, and sequence conservation). This exciting work was done in Kroncke lab.

Before coming to Vanderbilt, I obtained my Master’s of Public Health at Boston University with a concentration in Biostatistics. I was the Lead Biostatistician in the Boston University Center for Clinical Translational Epidemiology and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CTECER) for several years. I continued to work closely with Dr. Bindu Kalesan on a variety of projects.

On a personal note, I’m very interested in aviation, and my flight history is shown in the graphic header. When I’m not doing Biostatistics or data science, I’m flying somewhere new or analyzing aviation trends.