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Yi Zuo, PhD MPH

Sr. Scientist, Late Dev. Stat
Beijing, China

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Statistical research

Yi Zuo, Thomas G. Stewart, Jeffrey D. Blume
Variable selection with second-generation p-values
[paper link]

An R package is available on [CRAN] and a development version is available here . Vignettes for linear models and GLM/Cox models are also available.

Firearm injury research

Yi Zuo, Elizabeth C Pino, Mrithyunjay Vyliparambil, Bindu Kalesan
Sex differences in early cardiovascular and all-cause hospitalization outcomes after surviving firearm injury
American Journal of Men's Health , 2018. [PDF]

Bindu Kalesan, Yi Zuo, Ziming Xuan, Michael B Siegel, Jeffrey Fagan, Charles Branas, Sandro Galea
A multi-decade joinpoint analysis of firearm injury severity
Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open , 2018. [PDF]

Psychiatry research

Elizabeth C Pino, Yi Zuo, Shayna H Schor, Stephanie Zatwarnicki, David C Henderson, Christina PC Borba, Snezana M Milanovic, Bindu Kalesan
Temporal trends of co-diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety among female maternal and non-maternal hospitalizations: Results from Nationwide Inpatient Sample 2004–2013
Psychiatry Research , 2019. [PDF]

Oral presentation

Yi Zuo. Feature Selection by Second-Generation P-Values Can Outperform Oracle Adaptive Lasso (Session: Contributed Papers: Variable Selection) Eastern North American Region International Biometric Society (ENAR) 2021, Virtual, Mar. 17, 2021


Yi Zuo. An Investigation of Fully Relaxed Lasso and Second-Generation P-Values for High-Dimensional Feature Selection (Session: Variable selection: how to choose?) Eastern North American Region International Biometric Society (ENAR) 2020, Nashville, Mar. 23, 2020


Yi Zuo. Patterns of injury severity in firearm hospitalizations from 1993 to 2013: A repeated cross-sectional study. (Session 3277.0, Abstract Number 389707) American Public Health Association Annual Meeting & Expo 2017, Atlanta, Nov. 6, 2017